NatureWatch NZ merger with

Wind-up of the NatureWatch NZ project

The NatureWatch NZ project was to established to develop new IT functionality for the citizen science community in NZ.

Orginally, we created a new instance of the global iNaturalist platform to develop these new functions by building on the iNaturalist open source code. The result was the website NatureWatch NZ (

Subsequently, the team behind these developments (NZ Bio-Recording Trust) decided to donate the developments back to to incorporate within its global platform.

Since then, the domain name has been decommissioned and all the records that were once held in NatureWatch NZ have now been transferred to the iNaturalist global database.

In addition a regional hub of the iNaturalist network has been created using the web address

This means that iNaturalist users in New Zealand currently have two ways to access their records:
- via the 3rd party hub at
- via the global website at

NZ data on
In the longer term the website and underlying database is reasonably secure and has funding to complete further developments to make the system even better. 

Users can have a high degree of confidence that the records themselves will continue to be hosted and that access will be freely available through the global website. Read more about the development and people behind iNaturalist here

A regional hub can be operated by a 3rd party organisation (in this case the NZ Bio-Recording Trust) and involves maintaining a separate website that provides another entry point to the global database under an agreement with iNaturalist,

When there is a hub in operation both the hub website and the global website will take you to the same database, so the choice is yours.

Visit the global iNaturalist site here

Or use this direct link to all NZ observations

Updating website links to observations and projects
If you are using links to pages that were created on they are very easy to update!
Simply change the part of the web address to or Both links take you to the same observation.